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Personal and Workplace Injury Treatment at Coy Chiropractic

A personal injury is definitely something that's hard not to take personally -- especially when that injury is limiting your range of motion, causing serious pain and other symptoms, and preventing you from participating in life. Work related injuries are a common kind of acute or chronic personal injury that can leave you unable to earn a living and support your family. If you're in need of safe, non-surgical treatment techniques that can help you overcome your symptoms and return to work in good health, then you need to pay a visit to Coy Chiropractic.

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The Wide World of Personal and Work Related Injuries

You may have heard the term "personal injury" bandied about numerous times, but what does it really mean? A personal injury can actually be any kind of damage that occurs to your body, as opposed to equipment or other property, in an accident or other adverse situation. Personal injuries can encompass work related injuries, sports injuries, auto accident injuries, and injuries that occur in your home. Acute personal injury examples might include:

  • A slip-and-fall injury in your bathroom or on a wet restaurant floor
  • Strained back muscles from attempting to lift a heavy box or desk
  • Herniated cervical discs and/or whiplash from an automobile impact
  • Subluxation of vertebral joints from a fall at a job site

But not all personal injuries are the result of acute trauma. Chronic personal and workplace injuries can cause ongoing or recurring pain, stiffness, tingling, numbness or weakness in just about any part of the body. Overuse injuries are especially common in workers who must bend, stoop, or twist in a repetitive fashion. Carpal tunnel syndrome (a swelling of the wrist tissues that pinches the median nerve leading to the hand) is an infamous example, as is a relatively new type of repetitive neck strain called "text neck." Workplace ergonomics that force your skeleton to adopt abnormal postures can aid and abet spinal alignment problems.

Your Chiropractor in Kingwood TX Can Get Your Body Working Again

Whether you've been rattled by a sudden accident or you're suffering from years of accumulated strains, you're making the right choice when you choose Coy Chiropractic. Your chiropractor in Kingwood TX, Dr. Coy, doesn't just analyze your spinal alignment and symptoms; he also discusses any recent events that may have caused those symptoms, as well as your usual home, workplace or athletic routine. This enables us to provide drug-free, non-surgical therapies that target the underlying cause of your misery, such as:

  • Chiropractic adjustments to bring spinal components back in line
  • Corrective exercises to restore flexibility and strength to injured muscles
  • Physiotherapy to soothe tissue pain and speed healing
  • Recommendations for optimizing your workspace and/or avoiding overuse injuries

Call Coy Chiropractic for Safe, Effective Injury Care

Coy Chiropractic is ready to provide personal care for your personal injury. Call your chiropractor in Kingwood TX at 281-359-5333 for an appointment!


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