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Chiropractic Services from Your Chiropractor in Kingwood TX

Chiropractic care in Kingwood, TX is an all-natural treatment for problems like whiplash, sciatica and sports injury. Whether you're suffering from a recent injury, chronic condition or muscle and joint pain, our chiropractor, Dr. Jeff Coy, offers the following services for all walks of life, from athletes to those retired.

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Spinal Adjustment from Your Kingwood Chiropractor

Spinal adjustment is a process that Dr. Coy uses to realign the vertebrae and relieve pressure on the spinal nerves. Spinal adjustment helps improve the functioning of the central nervous system and thus improves the overall health of the body. Nearly every patient at Coy Chiropractic is treated with spinal adjustment, because this technique helps the body heal itself.

Other All Natural Services and Chiropractor Care in Kingwood

Nutritional Counseling

At Coy Chiropractic, Dr. Coy offers nutrition counseling services to help our patients eat right and maintain a healthy weight.

Corrective Exercises

Dr. Coy teaches patients to do corrective exercises that can help loosen the muscles and speed the healing process.

Spinal & Postural Screenings

Poor posture is a common cause of problems like subluxations. Dr. Coy performs spinal screenings to identify postural problems.

Lifestyle Advice

Dr. Coy offers lifestyle advice to patients to help them avoid behaviors that cause injury.


Our chiropractor uses physiotherapy to treat injury and illness. Through manual adjustments, exercise and advice, Dr. Coy is able to restore movement and function.

Pain Management

Dr. Coy provides pain management services to our patients who experience chronic aches and pains. Using techniques like stretches and exercises and spinal adjustment, Dr. Coy helps patients reduce their chronic pain.

Personal & Work Related Injury Care

Without proper treatment, personal and occupational injuries can do lasting damage. Dr. Coy diagnoses patient conditions and devises a treatment plan to help patients recover in a timely fashion.

Auto Accident Injury and Whiplash Treatment

Auto accidents can lead to whiplash and other painful conditions. Using spinal adjustments, stretches and exercises, nutrition counseling and lifestyle advice, Dr. Coy helps our patients get the care they need to restore range of motion, reduce muscle stiffness, treat whiplash related headaches and improve quality of life.

Sciatica Treatment

Sciatica is a condition that occurs when the lower lumbar presses upon the spinal nerves. Our sciatica treatment can help patients move comfortably and with reduced discomfort.

Herniated Disc

Dr. Coy provides diagnosis and treatment for herniated discs using spinal adjustment and other non-invasive techniques.

Family Wellness and Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Our family wellness care helps patients of all ages boost their immune system, avoid illnesses and live with less pain.

Prenatal Chiropractic Care

Prenatal chiropractic care helps pregnant patients experience less discomfort during pregnancy.

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As your provider of chiropractor care in Kingwood, Dr. Coy provides services that benefit all members of the family. Whether you're injured, ill or suffering from chronic pain, Dr. Jeff Coy at Coy Chiropractic can help. Contact us for an appointment at 281-359-5333.


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  • "Coy Chiropractic has helped me tremendously! I have lived with shoulder and neck pain for many, many years but thanks to Coy Chiropractic I am now pain free. Continuing treatment is important to me.... it keeps me healthy."
    R, Judy
  • "I have lived with neck and shoulder pain for years.
    I finally decided to visit Coy Chiropractic and very glad I did.
    In no time at all I no longer had pain and am feeling great!
    Thank you Dr. Coy!"
    -Judy Miller Roesel
  • "I have been using Dr. Coy for several years now and will not go to any other chiropractor. His treatments keep me up and moving."
    R, Gloria
  • "Dr. Coy listened and provided ideas that were easy to do st home"
    Verified Reviewer